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International Animation Day Celebration



Screening of films by the World Film Fair and

the Firenze FilmCorti Festival

at Kimonos Art Center


A Drawing (5’30’’) by Brad Condie

The Trumpeteer (9’50’’) by Raul “Robin” Morales R.

Illuminosity (4’) by Jeffrey Meacham and Michael Rootare

Camino de aqua para un pez (8’) by Mercedes Marro

Spring (2’30’’) by Kevin Yuanzhi Chen

The teacher and the flower (8’40’’) by Daniel Irabien

Edge of Alchemy (19’20” ) by Stacey Steers

Dahlia (4’20”) by AnnaMouyis

Compartments (15’) by Daniella Koffler and Uli Seis

Cat Noir (6’20”) by O’Neil Burgi






Special Halloween Screening

at Ananas8bit Coffee


Fossiles (30”) by Bernhard Schmitt (SG)

The Urge 2 - It Lies Within (8’) by Christopher Angus (CA)

Mom Got Eaten by a Spider Demon (8’15”) by John R. Dilworth (US)

Hotspot (3’20”) by Ciara Bresnahan (US)

AstroLOLogy - Leo Mirror Horror (2’) by Ken Foong (MY)

Zombie Time (6’) by Ismael Martin (ES)

Courage (3’) by Sergio Blanco Fernández (CA)

Fly Trap (7’) by Connor Bland (US)

Black Dog (15’) by Joshua Tuthill (US)

Pickman’s Model (11’) by Pablo Angeles Zuman

Loom (6’) by Ilija Brunck, Jan Bitzer and Csaba Letay






Screening of the First Part of the Official Selcetion of the Animattikon Project 2018

at Kimonos Art Center


KOMØD (3’30”) by Annick Buhr, Janina Schmidt and Annika Saum (DE)

Tapping Tango (3’10”) by Nancy Snipper (CA)

Twice Upon A Time (14) by Vojin Vasovic (RS)

AstroLOLogy / Pisces Roachzilla (2’) by Ken Foong (MY)

Grands Canons (10’45”) by Alain Biet (FR)

Duma (9’30”) by Paschalis Paschalis (CY)

Nö! (5’10”) by Christian Kaufmann (DE)

Pooky (3’) by Mariia Prokopenko (DE)

Escape (2’) by Andreas Aristodimou (CY)

Into the forest (4’) by Karolina Chabier (FR, PL)

Count Your Curses (8’30”) by Lorène Yavo (BE)

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring (7’) by Hamza Uysa (TR)

1992 (1’50”) by Una di Gallo (CA)

Haenyo, the Women of the Sea (5’15”) by Éloïc Gimenez (FR)

Stopgap in Stop Motion (4’40”) by Stephen Featherstone (UK)

Mahonie (4’) by Emily Lefebvre (BE)

Backward Astronomer (10’) by Jake Nelson (US)

Ants (4’30”) by Felix Karte and Victor Haselmayer (DE)

Sounds Good (9’50”) by Sander Joon (EE)







Screenings for children

by Animasyros International Animation Festival + Agora

at Almyra Hotel


Willie and the Foxtrot (2’06”) by Esteban Polito and  Santiago Uriarte (UY)

Baozha! (6’45”) by Jasper Liu Yingxian,

                         Bryan Goo Wai Kiat and Jolene Cheng (SG)

Paper Mates (5’30”) by  Alexey Mironov (RU)

Agrinoui (19’40”) by Alexis Chaviaras (CY)

Full Feather Jacket (2’34”) by Liz el Saadany (NL)

Ethnophobia (14’00”) by Giannis Ziogas (GR)

Temptation (4’57”) by Camille Canonne, Laura Bouillet, Michael Hoft,

                               Catherine Le Quang, Pauline Raffin and Martin Villert


Catherine (11’51”) by Britt Raes (BE)

Twin Islands (7’18” ) by Manon Sailly, Charlotte Sarfati, Christine Jaudoin,

                                Laura Cochetel, Raphaël Huot and Fanny Teisson (FR)

We Found the Flower! (6’46”) by Jorn Leeuwerink (NL)

Polska Warrior (25’00”) by Camiel Schouwenaar (NL)

She’s Got the Blush (5’15”) by Els Decaluwe (BE)

L’espace d’un instant (13’58”) by Alexandre Athané (FR)





Screening of the Second Part of the

Official Selcetion of the Animattikon Project 2018

at Ananas 8bit


Beyond the Ball (4’) by Dana Sink (US)

Just Visiting (1’40”) by Charlie Kothe (US)

It’s Just Some Crazy Jazz (1’) by Sergio Blanco Fernández (CA)

L’Homme et le Poisson (The Man and the Fish) (4’10”) by Lewis Leon (CA)

The Eye (3’) by Cenk Köksal (UK)

Space Between Stars (10’) by Samuel W. Bradley (CA)

Trash (3’) by Andreas Aristodimou (CY)

The Christmas Rabbit (10’45”) by Christophe Lopez-Huici (FR)

Chirurchien (Dogtor) (1’) by Michaël Houde (CA)

Battery Remaining (5’) by Yige Yang (UK)

Norman (10’) by Robbe Vervaeke (BE)

Maybe it’s me (6’) by Dimitris Simou (UK)

Medium Rare (4’30”) by Luca Cioci (IT)

Folly (6’45”) by Thomas Corriveau (CA)

Conversation (4’50”) by Star Bazancir and Carl Hedsved (SE)

Mysterical Planet (2’) by Matt Bissett-Johnson (AU)

Expend (3’50”) by Bismark Fernandes (US)

The Box (12’40”) by Dusan Kastelic (SI)

See you Thursday! (9’10”) by Michael Bohnenstingl (DE)

Raptures of the Deep (1’10”) by Marvin Sprengel and Lukas Von Berg (DE)

Death of a Fruit Fly (4’30”) by Lukas von Berg (DE)

A priori (5’40”) by Maïté Schmitt (DE)

Blink of an Eye (4’) by Kiana Naghshineh (DE)







Screening of the Third Part of the

Official Selection of the Animattikon project 2018

at Technopolis20


Stumblebee (4’50) by Monika Tenhündfeld (DE)

My Little Boys - The Lucky Cockroach (3’30”) by Jack Shih (TW)

Mixed Materials (6’30”) by Anna Van Riel (BE)

Tesura (2’14”) by Jagriti Khirwar (IN, US)

Up in the Sky (5’) by Sami Natsheh (ES)

Two Balloons (9’10”) by Mark Smith (US)

ABEO (7’) by Brenda Lopez (CA)

Death of a Father (10’15”) by Somnath Pal (IN)

Homesick (7’15”) by Hila Einy, Yoav Aluf and Noy Bar (IL)

Currents (6’15”) by Xinyi Zhu (CN)

Intervallo (A Day in the Life of a Cow) (3’30”) by Piero Tonin (IT)

TOKEI MARU (15’) by Zachos Samoladas (GR)

Säen (Sowing) (7’25”) by Maryna Miliushchanka (DE)

Him & Her (7’50”) by Nathalie Lamb (DE)

Death Van (6’) by Michael Enzbrunner (CA)

Just Walking (5’) by Subien Han (KR)

Perforatrions (9’30”) by Slobodan Tomic (HR)







Screening of “Persistence of Vision”

Documentary by Kevin Schreck

at Ananas8bit Coffee






Screening of “The Ox”

Animated Film by Giorgos Nikopoulos

at Kimonos Art Center


Expend Production Still 001 conversation_img02 I Aria Del Moscerino_Death Of A Fruit Fly (3) Just Walking - Subien Han stillcut03 JustVisiting_Still_03_300dpi MAHONIE_Emily-Lefebvre_2015_Still02 Medium Rare (4) Raptures Of The Deep (1) Sowing (1)

Mahonie, by Emilie Lefebvre

Just Visiting, by Charlie Kothe

Expend, by Bismark Fernandes

Just Walking, by Subien Han

Raptures of the Deep, by Marvin Sprengel and Lukas Von Berg

Death of a Fruit Fly, by Lukas Von Berg

Medium Rare, by Luca Ciocci

Sowing, by Maryna Miliushchanka

Conversation, by Star Bazancir and Carl Hedsved

persistenceofvision MV5BNGEwMDZjZTAtNzk2YS00NGIxLWE2YjgtYmE2MjZlZmI3MGZjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDIyNDYzNQ@@._V1_

Persistence of Vision by Star Bazancir and Carl Hedsved

The Ox by Giorgos Nikopoulos

The Animattikon Project 2018

Screening Program

This is the program of only the screenings.

For the full program of the Animattikon Project's events click here